Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kaleidoscope Love

I got this for Marguerite as a stocking stuffer last Christmas. It's a flimsy, part-plastic, disposable type of toy, but it's about as non-adherent to my vague plaything philosophy/principles as silly bandz which she also got, so... Besides, it's a kaleidoscope. You should know that I have very deep affection for kaleidoscopes. I first came across one as a pupil in the lower grades. During Science Week, we would go to the laboratories and see the exhibit of Science projects the higher grades had worked on that year. There were always the usual things like the one with the light bulb, the one with the wavy wire, volcanoes, the solar system, etc. The kaleidoscopes were always a personal favorite of mine, and they usually remained intact despite the legion of schoolgirls handling and twisting them. I couldn't get enough of the shifting psychedelic images. The things seemed like magic to the 7-yr-old me and I've been fascinated since. I'd been meaning to make one for Marguerite, but the mirror part struck me as a hassle, so I put off doing it indefinitely until... Now, she has this.


Sharkbytes said...

Love kaleidoscopes! Our family had one when I was a kid. When our boys were little I found one that you could put things in.. paper clips, beads, small stones, whatever... It was awesome. It finally broke and I think I liked it more than the boys did, but I'd enjoy one of those again.

spinninglovelydays said...

I could spend quite a while just looking at the images. But I'm the same with snow globes... :)