Thursday, December 2, 2010

When Did I Get Too Old for Amusement Parks?

We finally went to Snow World... and promptly left. Marguerite who was bundled up in several layers of jackets, mufflers, tights, leg warmers, socks, mittens, ear flap headband, bonnet, hoods, etc. said it was too cold for her. So we lined up for the picture, the kind you have to pay for (they don't allow electronics inside) and got out. Mark didn't bring his camera inside because one blogger said his camera kept on getting wet and he was constantly wiping the moisture off. Mark wasn't going to risk fungus on his camera, so we thought we'd do with just his phone for pictures, but the Snow World people make you put your electronics in a plastic bag - um, I don't know why. We don't leave them at the counter or anything - some sort of minor deterrent for those who intend to take pictures inside. It's not very persuasive as you'll find lots of pictures on the net. Anyway, there was a long line (I thought we'd better go to Star City before December to avoid the usual Christmas crowd, but we thoughtlessly went on a holiday - last Monday - and were surprised to find several schools there on their field trip and staying until really late at night. Ugh, I hate crowds. :( Oh, btw, when I was a kid, we went to factories, churches and museums on school days for our field trip... What's up with the current trend on educational tours?) and if you go way after 4 o'clock, which is when Snow World opens, the "snow" on the ground would be gray. I loved that temperature though. With proper clothes (which I had on, except for the denim jeans) and accessories, I was pretty comfy. Also, my allergies had been acting up right before going in and my nose went fine while we were inside. Btw, my uncle who has the same case of allergies moved to Canada and is now no longer bothered by them.
Anyway, we left Snow World behind and headed for the rides. Mark and Marguerite opted to get the ride-all-you-can package (I wouldn't have been able to go on my kind of rides anyway -- I like the daredevil ones; Marguerite's too young and Mark's too - I'd say chicken, but you might tease him about it), so they had fun doing that while I parked my behind on benches and waited. Marguerite also played a few carnival games and actually won a small stuffed bunny for herself.
Have I already said how much I hate crowds? :(
We stayed until closing time (11pm that day). I was exhausted (we had had Christmas pageant practice in the morning), but also glad for the experience. It was a great bonding activity for father and daughter. Mark's very good about making up for the days when Marguerite doesn't even get to see him (instances when the little girl is sleeping both when he leaves for and gets home from work). Anyway, here are the pics. There are still some on Mark's phone. He didn't get the camera from the car  (ridding us of our backpack of extra layers for Snow World at the same time) until after going on a couple of rides. Oh, and that ride where she gets to "drive" a jeep? She's scowling,  rigth? But she was just pretending to be racing, hence the expression. She really liked that ride, lol



chubskulit said...

Looks like a fun-filled day sis. Dalagang dalaga nai Marguerette hehehe

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Rose. They do grow up so fast...