Saturday, December 11, 2010

Off to the Church Yard Sale and Fun Day

Super busy day today! Off to church before 8am for the annual bazaar (there have been talks of making it twice a year, which is a good idea, I think). I'll be running a face painting booth with my 14-yr-old cousin Luigi, while my sister and Luigi's sisters will be selling baked goodies, accessories, books and other gift items. Caroling practice sometime this afternoon as well (we are going to get that harmony right!). If there's time and I'm not completely pooped yet, I might join my high school classmates for a mini-reunion. Might also work on Christmas pageant props during lulls. Have to make halos, Herod's throne, manger, etc. Love the season's hustle and bustle. I probably won't be saying that when it gets more intense, lol

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