Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Monitor Tales

Some years back I remember being gym monitor at lunch time when a few grade school kids decided to start smearing this powdery substance on each other. The things children think up to do! I thought at first that there was an open container of talcum somewhere in the vicinity and then I saw the kids ripping bits of plaster from the torn panels on the wall. With thoughts of asbestos and cancer – or skin irritation at the very least – I put a halt to their “fun” and ordered them to the restroom to wash up properly. A mesothelioma prognosis after all is one of the most dismal things out there. Thankfully, the material was harmless enough. It was just better not to take any chances. I think our campus used to be the junior high school on the former American naval base, so I’m guessing the construction dates back to the ‘60s. I know the carpet in my classroom was very circa ’70 in its feel and look. Anyway, the old gym was soon repaired and it became more of an auditorium than a play gym as a new and bigger one was constructed near the soccer field.


Nikka said...

Harmless? I heard otherwise.

spinninglovelydays said...

You mean there was asbestos? Did anybody get sick? I left earlier, so I have no idea what happened when we were gone. I'm going to see if you're on FB now to get the story, lol.