Friday, December 3, 2010

I Can Play AGAD

You know the 34 Things to Do… list I published on my 34th birthday? One item said “to play a complete song on the guitar”. The thing is, with a guitarist in the family, I somehow feel I don’t have to learn, lol. But I think I do want to learn. Apparently, not badly enough in the past to really pursue it. It would have definitely come in handy when I was a school teacher and I’m sure the skill would be very useful now that I’m homeschooling. I guess that marks the difference. With Marguerite, I have to offer my best, so I’m going to learn now – for realz! I’d love acoustic guitar lessons since my husband doesn’t have the time to teach me himself. He had managed to teach me - about a decade ago – intros to various songs and I somehow never managed to graduate from those (Mark and I just can’t seem to teach each other anything. He’s the same with Spanish. I guess exasperation comes too easily for both parties, lol). I had been searching the net for easy songs to play that Marguerite could sing along to (you know, those AGAD-DAGA songs, lol) and I zeroed in on – wait for it – Camptown Races, lol. I almost completed it too, but Marguerite decided to twist a couple of tuning keys, so I gave it up for that day.


The Kano said...

"Camptown Races?" Wow! My Dad used to sing that song to my brothers and I when we were kids (many, many decades ago!)

Silvergirl said...

wow goodluck! I enroll my eldest dau in Yamaha, that was when she is 4th year HS. after a month of learning, she stop., because of many homework and project to be done. She prioritized her studies. But now since our acoustic is not with us, she's trying to learn again with her classmate when they have no class.

spinninglovelydays said...

@Dave: It's a true classic, lol. Anyway, Marguerite loves the doo-dah parts. :)

@Silvergirl: Good for your daughter. Too bad she had to stop classes, but I think she can teach herself or learn from friends. :)