Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Holidays Are Bearing Down upon Me

We were discussing our holiday plans on one of my message boards and what I related to the other members made me realize that our calendar is pretty filled up. And I’m still in denial about presents too! I’m so caught up in all the activities that I haven’t started any shopping yet. Anyhoo, this is how busy things are for us (the stuff from our church alone is pretty overwhelming):
11 – Church yard sale/bazaar/fun day (I might face paint – big MIGHT)
12 – usual Sunday stuff, plus pageant and caroling practice, Little Women, the musical in the evening
17 – Mark leaves for Tagaytay for a wedding, lantern parade at UP
18 – Marguerite’s last ballet class for the year, caroling practice
19 – Christmas party
20 – Christmas pageant general rehearsals
21 – Christmas pageant and children’s party (my anniversary too with Mark – dude asked me out, proposed to me and married me on December 21 of different years – but we’ll just ignore it)
22 – Mark leaves for Tagaytay again for another wedding
24 – Christmas eve service
25 – celebrating at my grandmother’s
26 – Chip’s birthday, our church’s 30-something fellowship group party
27 – my SIL’s birthday
29 – our church’s music ministry luau
31 – thanksgiving service at our church
I didn’t even include the dinners yet. I have to plan the Christmas eve dinner with my mom. We’re sure to have lots of food, some cocoa, some ssparkling wine, some cider… We have to come up with a sort of program as well to make it extra fun. I make such a big fuss to make the holidays really special and memorable. I have to remind myself not to let all the details stress me out and to keep in mind what the season is really about.

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