Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Those Quaint Places

I think I have mentioned here before how much I love small cottages. I used to have a whole section in my Favorites dedicated to cottage blogs. Of course, I lost the list when my computer crashed some months back, but if I wanted to set it up again, it would be easy enough. I can still remember many of the blog titles and most of them link to one another anyway, so restoring the list isn’t really a problem. I don’t really know who the bloggers were. I read what they wrote, and many of them were gifted writers, but I mostly stopped by for the pictures. I certainly got many inspirations from those visits. I think it would be safe to say that I found kindred spirits in those cottage bloggers when it came to aesthetics. I don’t really personally know many people who share my tastes, so many times I have to resort to the Internet to experience that fellow feeling. For instance, I prefer bed and breakfasts to posh hotels and not many people I know would get that. Not that I don’t enjoy the trendy five-star places because I really do, but I love the experience of staying in a quaint cottage or a log cabin. I just find it cozier and, somehow, more storybook. :)

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