Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Boating Thrills

As you may or may not know, Marikina is a river valley. The river is a major element in this city. You have to be a local to realize just how fundamental that body of water is to the scheme of things. Anyway, right now that we’re approaching Christmas, the place is downright festive. The bazaars are open nightly and there is a carnival in one section of the river parks. I’ll have to go check if the annual creative exhibit is ready. Once again, the paths up and down the river are well trodden. They have their regular joggers and dawdlers, but around this time, the activity is amped to a real frenzy. I wonder if they’re doing the river taxis again. Those were fun. Traveling by water is always a thrill even if it’s just a short distance. I personally love it. I love ferry rides and cruises. I even love just saying, “punting down the Thames”. That’s definitely one of the things I want do when I go to England - explore the waterways.  Canal boat holidays are definitely for me. I love looking at pictures of romantic stone bridges and imagining myself along with other Shakespeare enthusiasts going up and down the Avon...

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