Sunday, October 10, 2010

Starting Sunday in a Snit

I've just calmed down from a snit. Uh, hi, it's 4am, my usual time to wake up, but today I've been up since 2. My husband doesn't go to sleep early even when he can (and then he finds it impossible to wake up early - he's the perennial teenager when it comes to sleep). We got home about 11 (we had dinner at Serendra and chanced upon the Mabuhay Germany celebration. Marguerite loved watching the band - The Bloomfields - play, so we ended up staying longer than intended. For compensation, I bumped into an old friend from Deutscher Verein, one of my clubs back in college, and we had the chance to catch up.) and while Marguerite and I promptly went to sleep, Mark stayed up and did who knows what that was so engrossing he didn't go to the bedroom until 2. While he was in the bathroom, he was using this phone app that had squeaky baby voices. He probably thought it was low enough not to be heard through the door, but he was obviously wrong. I had to get up and knock on the door (Marguerite was sleeping or I would have ROARED at him to turn it off). The voices continued. I knocked again, and he said, "Okay, okay. I'm turning it off." The thing though is, besides the squeaky voices, there was also this sound that was like the static on TV when the stations go off the air and snow comes on (does this still happen?). That sound persisted and I was practically apoplectic with rage. Mark came out of the bathroom and I hissed at him to make it stop. He fiddled around with his phone, but the noise wouldn't go away. I begged him to just turn the dumb thing off, which he did, and what do you know - the sound remained. I groaned and dramaqueened a bit more and Mark laughingly pointed out that the noise was coming from the crickets. Whatever. My sleep was shot. I probably wouldn't have noticed the crickets if the squeaky voices hadn't woken me up. I did try to go back to sleep,but I was too annoyed. I decided I might as well just blog and do my clicks. So, it's almost 5 now. I have to get ready for church in a bit.
Anyway, wouldn't you know, this was the article from MSN that greeted me when I turned the PC on: What Your Sleep Personality Says About Your Waking Life by Maia Svalavitz. This is uncannily true about me:

The Early-to-Bed, Early-to-Rise Sleeper
The varied nature of animal life can be used to illustrate several different sleep styles. The first style—the lark—is a morning bird, your basic get-up-and-go type. If you wake up brimming with energy, sometimes even before the alarm clock rings, you’re a lark. Early to bed, early to rise, larks are well suited to the structure of the 9 to 5 workday. 
“Larks tend to be go-getters but they’re not gregarious,” says Michael Smolensky, M.D., co-author of The Body Clock Guide to Better Health, and visiting professor at the University of Texas, “They tend to be introverted and are overall more conscientious and disciplined.”
Sometimes this can cause friction at work, Smolensky notes. “Larks tend to want to get to work early and are highly productive in the morning. This gets people jealous, especially when larks are working with late-risers.”
Women are more likely to be larks than men, at least in Western cultures—and older people become more lark-like as they age.
The lark personality is also more depression-prone than those who are late-risers.
 I do feel like a middle-aged mother waking up her teenager most mornings. I'll try to see if I can still scrounge some sleep before sun-up.


The Kano said...

I'm actually a lark, also. Got up at 4:30 to go to work, and the morning was also my most productive time. I also suffered bouts of depressions which I was treated for years ago. Your Sleep Personality article has got me pegged correctly. Very interesting!

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Hoo-boy- I'm the opposite of a lark. That's for sure. Hope the snit ends soon!

spinninglovelydays said...

@Dave: Me too! It never got clinical, but I did drop out of my junior year in high school because of it.

@Sharkbytes: Thanks, it had to. I had to be ready for worship, lol