Monday, September 13, 2010

Sunday Afternoons at Our Church

I grabbed that picture from my friend Maf. That's not from yesterday, but from the other Sunday when we had the Philippine Memory Team over. It was so sweet. Marguerite was leading them in a game of Ring Around the Rosy. I tried joining them, but Marguerite was the only one used to playing with me. The other kids pretty much told me to make tracks and I slunk off like a playground pariah, lol.

September is movie month at our church. Yesterday, we had a free screening (open to everybody) of "A Thief in the Night" with a Q & A portion afterward. The Sunday School teachers sold popcorn (cajun, cinnamon sugar, buttery salty) and nachos, as well as drinks (funds raised for the Christmas pageant). There were also brownies and pizza rolls, care of my cousin Cheska. My other cousin Luigi sold plastic balloon to keep the kids who weren't watching busy. I think the teachers will expand their menu the following Sundays. We're giving a free screening of the End Times series. "A Distant Thunder" on Sunday, followed by "Image of the Beast" and "The Prodigal Planet". To cap movie month off, we're also showing Benhur, which I'm actually dreading. I'm sure it's a fantastic cinematic piece, but I associate it with Holy Week in the Philippines when it was uber-traditional (Catholic). Cable TV wasn't available yet and we had to endure repeated airings of the Ten Commandments and Benhur (a Charlton Heston extravaganza, hehe) until Wednesday. Thursday until Saturday, there's a complete media blackout (not even newspapers). All you could hear were the neighbors wailing "pasyon". I tell you, the boredom could turn you stark raving mad. Compounded with Philippine summer heat, I was practically foaming at the mouth. Fortunately, most Holy Weeks, we were off to camp. The travel part was still rather traumatic because on the road, we would see men involved in self-flagellation. It was really very disturbing (mind you, a Catholic child might have seen it as natural, but I wasn't one and didn't believe in the ritual). Nowadays, there's Cable. The malls only close on Friday and Saturday. And we're still away in camp anyway, so yeah, it's been a while since I last saw Benhur.


The Kano said...

Ben-Hur! Wow! I only had to see it once back at a drive-in movie in the States in the 50's! Yeah, I'm an old guy. Nice picture of the kids.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Sounds like a fun afternoon. Those movie titles brought back some memories! Is Chariots of Fire on the list?

spinninglovelydays said...

@Dave: It must be better on the big screen. I've only seen it on TV. Thanks. :)

@Sharkbytes: It's not, although if September had another Sunday, it might have been included. I love that song, btw. :)