Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Upcycling: Snap or Memory Game

I think I have the beginning of arthritis on my hands. They only hurt after long bouts of stitching, knitting, crocheting, etc. Right now, I'm working on a patchwork cape (one of Marguerite's presents) and everything is hand sewn. Gotta take care of these hands better.
Yesterday, I wanted to see if Marguerite can already play Snap or the Memory Game. The thing is, we only have electronic Memory Games and I have no idea what has happened to our decks of playing cards and Uno cards (I'm thinking the flood got them, but they could still be around somewhere.). Anyway, we still have these pocket calendars from the last election. My mom got several stacks of them since they're from her cousin who ran for Congress (and lost, but his party list won, so essentially, he's still in Congress - brief foray into political tone: The party list thing is just nonsense. I think it should be scrapped.). The ones in my knitting bag were the ones I used in my booth during the DVBS Mini Fair - see?

I just used them as number markers (the kids gave me a playing ticket, they got to draw a number from another deck, and the the corresponding number card from the table bore the prize they'd won). Anyway, I thought maybe I could turn them into something else. Why not playing cards? Marguerite and I worked on them last night. I drew the outline of simple shapes and she got to color them.

We tried playing Snap first, and while she got the idea. She wasn't really interested in playing it. We tried the Memory Game next and she showed even less interest. I'm not sure if she's too young or too excited to do her own thing, because as soon as I'd let her take over the game, she started arranging the deck in matching pairs. I guess that was more fun for her. I actually fell asleep (we were already in bed) watching her have a go at her game. I think she stuck to it for 30 minutes before I woke up and told her to get ready to sleep. She dutifully gathered the cards and neatly put them away.

Btw, here are pics of Marguerite from the other night as well:


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Great upcycling! Hey, if she played a matching game of her own, it was a success.

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks. That's what I thought too. :)