Thursday, August 5, 2010

Going Bananas Over Baking

Is it obvious that we have plenty of bananas? Marguerite and I decided to do some more baking. We made banana cream pie yesterday and it got a little hairy - just lots of flour everywhere, most of it on Marguerite herself. She sliced the bananas for me, which means that instead of thinly sliced, some of the pieces were good-sized chunks. While we were making the crust, she started the "squish the butter, mix with flour" chant we made the other time we were baking apple pie. Anyway, my mom's electric whisk was one of the casualties of last year's flood, so I had to make do with a manual one and it was good exercise. I thought my arm was going to fall off.

I got the recipe online and while the pie turned out okay, we all thought it could use some more sugar. Is it the Marikina tongue? Everything seems more bland to us. Also, when I took the pie out of the oven, it looked like this:

I set it out to cool and then went to my room to rest a little (the meringue part got me all tuckered out). When I went back to the kitchen, there was the pie, back inside the oven. My mom said she poked the meringue and it was still wet. Hmm, I guess she knew better? Anyway, we got it out and it ended up looking like this:

It turned out okay anyway. I'll try making one again, but not anytime soon. My arm is still in convalescence.


The Kano said...

My Mom, God bless her, used to make the best banana cream pies. Your pictures reminded me of hers. Thanks for bringing back some good memories.

spinninglovelydays said...

Glad the post stirred happy memories :)