Friday, June 25, 2010

When Growing Pains Are No Longer Associated with Kirk Cameron

We co-sleep and as much as we love doing it, the quality of sleep has just not been the same for me. Come to think of it, nighttime sleep has just not been the same since I started sharing beds with another person, lol. Since becoming a mother, actual restful sleep seemed to have gone non-existent. Anyway, with Marguerite, first there was the usual infant stuff (SIDS paranoia, etc.). As she grew older, there came what seemed to be very mild cases of night terrors (just crying), which were easily dispelled with soothing sounds and strokes. Of course, since her toilet-training days, there have been the sporadic nighttime potty trips too (she normally doesn't need to go until morning). Recently, Marguerite has seemingly been experiencing bouts of growing pains. In the REM stage, she would just thrash about crying, in the process delivering some well-placed kicks to her father and myself. If she actually roused from sleep, she would respond to our questions and tell us what was bothering her (her legs). I would normally massage her legs until she fell back asleep. I read somewhere that it would also help to give her some water. In any case, I'm just glad it's not anything truly worrying. In the meantime, here I am bleary eyed and wondering why rest just seems so darned elusive. Ah well, I intone in a philosophical vein, it's all just part of the marvelous experience that is motherhood.

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