Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Pierce or - Well, We Already Decided not to

I was just reading an article on when to get your daughter's ear pierced. When Marguerite was born, we decided that it would have to be her decision. My own case wasn't the same; my mom had my ears pierced when I was still a baby. Nothing really untoward had happened although I do remember the nut/clutch got pushed too hard one time (through time and my fault) and I ended up with a wound on my lobe. I wasn't being responsible. They were just on my ears and it didn't occur to me to check on them, clean them, etc. My ears looked pretty though and I started wearing dangly earrings way too early (all my contemporaries at St. Scholastica - where dangly earrings were forbidden, at that - know that; one time my sister wore dangly earrings to school and a batchmate of mine told her, "You really are Ivy's sister."). Before everybody started wearing them, outré earrings were sort of my thing. I lost the passion when they got ordinary, lol.
Going back to ear piercing. I guess we, especially I, felt that it should be part of a rite of passage, thus making it more meaningful and appreciated being one of the "major" decisions of her early life; that it would be safer and less complicated to do it when Marguerite could be responsible for it; that little girls look more their age (for want of a better term) with unpierced ears... I did have second thoughts when Marguerite started demanding to put on earrings. While she's this age, she can be satisfied with hanging hook earrings from the top of her ears. Later, I might get her some clipons, but overall, I'm happy with the decision not to get her ears pierced yet. Plus, I read the following from here:
Please, please read this and be warned! My oldest daughter is 15 1/2 now. We had her ears pierced when she was small. She had no problems with the piercings themselves however, when she was 5 she woke up one morning and her lobe was torn completely. There was no blood, no open flesh to be sutured back together. We were at a loss and consulted with our doctor right away. The doctor said that since there was no open flesh or wound, he could not suture this back together and we would have to consult with a plastic surgeon, which we did. The plastic surgeon advised us that it is NEVER a good idea to have childrens ears pierced at a young age because the cartlidge in the lobe is too young and it's VERY easily torn. He said that over time the posts had acted like a little saw, slowly working their way down the lobe until this morning when they finally tore the lobe completely. Since she was so young, he said that she would have to undergo general anesthesia to have it repaired.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ivy! Nikka here. We decided not to get Hero's ears pierced yet also. Both my sister and I got ours as babies, and they were both palpak. My holes are too close to my head so hoops look strange on me. My sis naman has one straight and one angled outwards. I'm glad another mommy out there understands!

spinninglovelydays said...

Hi, Nikka! Totally. I think the same thing happened with Chip. That's why she had to get another hole (just one) when she was a teenager. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)