Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Tale of My Husband's Eyeglasses

Sometime ago, my dad gave my husband Mark a pair of Ray-ban aviator sunglasses. Mark decided to replace the lenses with tinted graded ones as his eyesight is just plain whack. I suppose they were mainly for driving the car during the day. However, he found it tedious to keep on switching eyeglasses so he started using the graded sunglasses beyond driving. Count the fact that he was more dashing in them than in his usual spectacles - which are a little nerdy, understandably since they were chosen on their geek-rock/ska merits, hee - so he wore the Ray-bans more and more frequently. He would have worn them exclusively if not for the fact that they weren't practical at night. Things looked darker and he looked weird (in this case, a euphemism for dumb - what sensible person wears sunglasses at night?). So there followed a convoluted, confused and just aaaargh time consumed by the relentless switching from one pair of glasses to the other until the inevitable happened. Mark accidentally left the sunglasses in the conference room of one of his clients, never to be seen again. The moral of the story is... nada. Mark loses stuff all the time. We get over these things in time. Did I tell you about the time he lost his wedding ring?

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