Saturday, June 26, 2010

Life's Little Pleasures

Recent projects include origami dolls and homemade apple chips. I didn't take a picture of the apple chips because the two attempts we've made were flops (edible, but, well, flops). The origami dolls weren't anything intricate and preschoolers won't have too much trouble folding and coloring them (FYI, Marguerite wasn't ready to fold and color properly, but she did play with them afterward).

Yesterday, Marguerite and I walked to the nearby mall. I let her blow 50 pesos (a little over a dollar) on the arcade (+3 extra tokens). She mostly rode those dinky cars and carousels, smashed ghoulies and shot hoops. After that, we went down to the book/school supplies store and bought domino and checkers game kits (these are some of the games I want Marguerite to grow up playing - not the ones on PSPs and other newfangled contraptions that keep on coming out in the market - anyway, she's not yet ready to play these games the conventional way, but she can watch the oldsters play and eventually learn). Our last stop was the secondhand bookstore, where I got three back issue magazines - Php90 (one came with a 2010 natural toy and craft catalog), a Christmas recipe book - Php25, and a replacement for one of the precious Fannie Flagg books that were damaged in last year's flood - Php45. Just Php160 (about $3.50) for things I consider priceless.

I love buying used books, especially if they have stuff like dedications, notes, gum wrappers, etc. in them. It's like discovering a mini-secret, a kind of connection to the previous owner. The recipe book bore a note from the givers (apparently it was a Christmas gift).

It said, "Merry Christmas, Susie Q! (the dots of the apostrophes on this note were hearts) You were our Christmas treat 31 years ago and every Christmas since!! God bless - Love, Ma & Pa '92". What a sweet message! I hope nothing happened to any of them and that's why this book was discarded. I personally wouldn't knowingly give away a book (a book my parents had given me at that), but I know other people are not as sentimental. In any case, their loss is my gain and this message just made this book extra special. :) Can't wait to try out the recipes (I don't care if Christmas is months away).

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