Thursday, June 24, 2010

About This Biker Lady I Know

My sister and I were talking about the old MTV Asia and how we missed the old time VJs. I don't tune in to MTV anymore. Ohhh-kay, I sometimes watch "16 and Pregnant" and its sequel "Teen Mom" - not sure about the title - when I can catch them, but that's it. Okay, so maybe also when I chance upon shows that play old videos, but see? I don't even know what to call it. I really don't watch MTV anymore. During my time, old videos were shown in Danny McGill's "Classic MTV" (MTV on a Harley, hehe). I think he was my favorite VJ. Chip and I were talking about how thrilled we were that he and Kamal ("Kamal Sutra") ended up together. Anyway, Danny McGill certainly looked like he really rode big bikes and wasn't just some poseur (gosh, I'm still using this word!). Then again, why cater to stereotypes? I happen to know this octogenarian woman (a great-aunt of mine actually) who rides to and from our church in a big bike (her son drops her off and picks her up). Who'd have thought she was on her way to church and not to a biker singles meet-up (she's a widow)? Anyway, my great-aunt is a super cool lady and every time we get the chance to talk, she's always at me to go for another baby, lol.

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