Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I Started Posting about Homeschooling...

I'm feeling a bit guilty about the lack of structured homeschooling around here. I'm sure Marguerite is learning a lot just by being, but far be it from me not to find the excuse to feel guilty. Is guilt really part of my nature or is it a force of habit? I'm sick of it. Anyway, what I'm mostly doing in lieu of actual homeschooling (gosh, will I stop it already? My daughter is all of 3 friggin years old! If her play is not within my conscious and controlled scheme, it honestly is not detrimental to her!), I'm reading a lot of Waldorf homeschooling blogs. I've bookmarked a gazillion projects I plan to do with Marguerite when we finally move. It's not very carpe diem, but that's actually quite within my character. I hate it. And I hate the not-so-subtle hints of self-loathing I'm revealing in this post. Anyhoo, in other news: I'm devastated that Law and Order is ending. I stopped watching it when the Crime and Suspense channel wouldn't show any new episodes (before the channel was ultimately dissolved), but Sam Waterston was supposed to go on forever as Jack McCoy even if I'd stopped watching. I first discovered Chris Noth (one of my personal Hollywood's Handsomest - Brad Pitt and Leo di Caprio don't make it, lol) there. And in further blather, Clueless was on HBO yesterday. I can't believe the movie is almost twenty years old. That's depressing. Oh and I was watching The Mentalist the other day and Robin Tunney's character said, "Bite me" and it made me happy. Robin will always be that girl in The Craft to me. What else? More inane thoughts running through my head, but I think I'll spare you. :)

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