Thursday, December 17, 2009

String Along

Marguerite found what seems to be the drawstring of an old pair of Husband's shorts. Anyway, she seemed to be having fun with it without any help from me (she was performing something that involved some impromptu gymnastics and  some made up song), but I still went ahead and looked up activities that involved use of such a string. Actually, as soon as I saw it, I immediately thought of the knots we had to learn in Girl Scouts (I learned about knots and building campfires, but I didn't learn to use a knife or strike a match until well, embarrassingly late), so I googled that and spent quite a bit of time reviewing them. And then I remembered this string game we used to play, so, yeah, I kind of lingered on a couple of sites with how-tos (at this point, I had sat Marguerite down with a few sheets of paper and her art kit). Obviously, homeschooling is well and alive over here, lol. I really learned and relearned a lot from that piece of string. If you have something similar and plenty of time to sate curiosity (I won't call it idle), here's a good page for some string fun. Look! Two half hitches!lol

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