Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Here's to the Memory of Café Schober

If given the chance to travel anywhere in December, I would choose to go to Zürich. Sigh. Zürich. Sigh. I'll have to blame Samantha Brown and her Passport to Europe show for this deep yearning to experience a Zürich winter. On the top of the list of things I'd do when I got there was have hot chocolate at Café Schober. The café was the oldest café in the city, which is fascinating in itself, and its interior looked absolutely enchanting (well, based on what I saw in Sam's show - oh, okay, I've also been googling images like an obsessive dork). I mean, really, LOOK (each letter links to a different picture). The place was famous for its pastries and absolutely decadent hot chocolate. It was a real trip watching Sam try to figure out how the thing was drunk. Supposedly, it was made with fresh milk, grated Swiss chocolates, and a thick topping of whipped cream. Getting past the thick whipped cream to the actual drink was the challenge, of course. Anyway, I recently found out that the original café closed down and has been replaced by another establishment called Café Felix (same owners, different location I believe). The pastries and hot chocolate are still there, but it's a different place. It is still gorgeous, but I'll never be able to claim that I've drunk hot chocolate at the Café Schober. Too late now. Anyway, I'm nowhere near Switzerland or even just winter in general right now, so I really shouldn't worry about it. No reason why I can't have a Swiss hot chocolate  experience though. :)

Well, one of them is a Swiss brand and the other has the word "Swiss" in its name, lol.

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