Thursday, November 26, 2009

Singles, You Rock My World

I think I've mentioned several times on this blog how much I love the movie "Singles". Set in Seattle during the peak of the grunge revolution, the movie revolves around the lives of twenty-something friends who live in one apartment complex. Anyway, it was on HBO last night and forget it, I'm still in full revertigo mode. The movie came out in 1992, when I was in high school and thought that was what life would be like in a decade (I'd live in rainy Seattle and watch bands every night). The main figures of the grunge era were in that movie (except for Nirvana, which some would argue to be very remiss - however, I was never into Nirvana, so who cares). That baby-faced (and remains to be beautiful) Eddie Vedder (with Jeff Ament and Stone Gossard - I think they were Matt Dillon's bandmates in Citizen Dick), Chris Cornell, Tad Doyle, Layne Staley (hair still long and in dreads - with Jerry Cantrell who's always had my dream hair, but mine has always been more like Eddie Vedder's or Chris Cornell's)... Husband certainly had a fine time calling out the names of the musicians. And doing air guitar. Or drums. There was a profusion of plaid and long floral dresses and the other staples of grunge fashion! I'd wish for all of it to come back, but it never really left me. Yeah, I still don grunge and think I can get away with it (and, yeah, as far as I'm concerned maroon matte lipstick never goes out of style!!!) - kind of like a great aunt of mine who wore '50s fashion with poodle skirts and bobby socks back in the '80s. I felt all weird watching the movie. I guess I was having a tough time reconciling being 33 with the revertigo. It does take you back, you know. Your inner 16-yr-old sees it as a portent of things to come, but the current you knows it didn't happen that way. Your twenties were spent welcoming the new millenium (remember when the modern woman was referred to as the woman of the '90s? harhar) and yeah, the number 1 hit according to Rick Dees when we exploded into 2000 (not the new millenium just yet, but that's when we all did those fireworks) was "Smooth", hardly even post-grunge although a post-grunge character was involved (and yeah, I had a crush on Rob Thomas back in the day). Gosh, remember when GenX was the hip, relevant age? Now, they've labeled the following group as GenY. That sucks. That's not how it works. It's not the freakin' alphabet. Why do I sound all whiney and angry and angst-ridden? That's probably just the revertigo talking. Anyway, the GenX stereotype is supposed to be that of a cynical and frustrated, grunge wearing, alternative music listening jobless slacker. Yeah, GenX! lol Going back to the movie, it was during a time when "Dyslexic Heart" was yet to be forever ruined by association with this local teen series called TGIS, which adopted it as its theme song (gag me with a spoon - okay, I don't really feel that strongly against it, but I haven't used that expression in the longest time and just decided to go for it anyway). Did you also know that the mime in the movie was Eric Stoltz? I had a crush on him back in the '80s - remember "Some Kind of Wonderful"? It had Mary Stuart Masterson too, who Husband thought he looked like back when he was a young girl (okay, he's not really a transgender, but he was a pretty little boy, lol)... That's an entirely different story. To reel myself in back from that particular digression, I'll talk about Jeremy Piven's bit role and how that Elvis Costello-Public Enemy mashup (excuse the non-vintage Glee terminology) has stuck with me through the years (What's so funny about... peace, peace, peace... love and under... peace, peace. / Death Row, what does a brother know? peace, peace...). Also, Victor Garber's role was the tiniest of cameos, but who cares? The fact that he was even there just made the movie even more adorable. Anyway, I leave you with a link to this "You Might Belong to Generation X If..." list (some of my faves: You're doing absolutely nothing with anything pertaining to your major degree... One word: Corduroy... You, yes you, sat down and memorized the entire lyric sheet to "It's the End of the World as We Know It"...) and this video excerpt from the movie. Look! It's Eddie!

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