Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back When I Liked Cartoons

I haven't done a revertigo post in a while. Anyway, as you know, these revertigos are spurred by stuff I see on YouTube (YouTube, why can't I quit you?). I came across a Rainbow Brite video and got all nostalgic. I was one of those kids who got over cartoons way too early (my husband will tell you how corny I am with my lack of interest in the retro cartoons he watches online). I think the last cartoon I kind of followed was Captain Planet and that was mostly because I was interested in environmental stuff. Anyway, I do remember liking Rainbow Brite.


I wanted to watch the Garbage Pail Kids, I think, but it was too gruesome. I wasn't into the Care Bears, but I can look back fondly at the time when all my friends were.

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Apron Thrift Girl said...

I remember asking for a Rainbow Brite and I think I was in high school. I had to beg my parents for one. They thought I was too old. I got her and she sat so sweetly on my shelf. I wished I still had her.