Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You Know Whom to Blame

I'm continuing Marguerite's photo blog over at Mom Center. The blog with the most number of visits wins a prize. I really hope you could visit. Just click here to get to the calendar page. I'll be adding at least 1 picture everyday, so you can count on it being updated. I'm also doing a video blog, but I've missed a day, I think, so I don't know if that's still eligible for the contest. Anyway, I think you have to be a member to view the videos. Let me know if you visited the photo/video blog so I can thank you. :)

My sister stayed with us last week and she commented to me that Marguerite talked as though she was in a musical (she should know; we're musical fiends - grew up thinking Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke were the most important stars in Hollywood). Chip was all, "Where did she learn that intonation? From TV shows?" I certainly hoped not or that would mean that she's watching way more TV than I'm comfortable with. Later, she concluded that Marguerite learned it from ME!!! Apparently, I've been talking to Marguerite like a character from a Disney animation and Marguerite has picked it up. Nobody else has made this observation, so I'm not sure how accurate this is, lol. However, I, myself, have noticed that Marguerite can be very theatrical (fake sobs with questions of "Oh no! What happened?", wide, sweeping gestures while saying "Oh my goodness, oh my goodness" - the second one's from Annie - and a very affected "Thank you, Mother")...

Last Sunday while preparing to go to church, Marguerite was pulling all sorts of stunts to make us even later. I was prodding her to go to the bathroom, but she was too involved with making things just more difficult for me (I semi-kid, lol). I tried being more forceful and she said, "Wait, Mom!" I said, "Don't make me wait." She walked past me, throwing her hands up in the air, exclaiming, "Fine, fine!" I happen to know she got that from me, so I can't complain, lol.

Also, I was expecting a lot of "Why" and "What is it?", but I wasn't expecting, "Why did you do that?" and "What does that mean?" (!) I really have to be careful. The child mimics me perfectly.


Grampy said...

I checked out your photo calendar. That is really nice. I might try that with Maya. I couldn't drop on your blog. I have my 300 drops for today. I will tomorrow.

vicy said...

Hello there!!Thanks a lot for the visit and comment on my page..I am still having hard times with my pregnancy especially during bed time. My indigestion won't go away and I have to sit and just watch tv until 2 or 3 am..It's hard but there's nothing more I want right now but to be with our baby girl soon..I would take everything for her..Nways, Have a wonderful day