Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vintage Sunday School Quiz

I started teaching Sunday School when I was 15 years old. From then until now, I've used just one Bible: this. It used to hold all sorts of things in between its pages, anything from important stuff (forms, programs), to sentimental stuff (pictures, souvenirs), to pure junk (candy wrappers, receipts). When Marguerite was big enough to ransack, er, rummage through my purse, I got tired of picking up all these things every time she flipped through my Bible. I thought I'd put all these pieces away until Marguerite found this last Sunday. Reading this quiz I'd made for my Sunday School class (circa 1998) really took me back. I remember how much fun I had coming up with silly multiple choices. I did the same thing with my Religious Studies class when I was teaching at Brent (I mainly taught Spanish, but had one or two Religious Studies classes a year). I can be very flippant about quizzes and I really try to make them fun to take (When I was teaching high school English, my quizzes were peppered with Rob Thomas this and that and snippets from matchbox20 songs). I don't know if you can read the quiz I posted above, but I'm sure it warranted a few giggles from my students at that time. Maybe I should go back to teaching Sunday School. Nah, I'll probably just end up chasing after Marguerite, the way I do now. Maybe when she's a bit older.

Btw, as I write this, it just started raining again. Has the rainy season always lasted this long? When will it end? Also reminding you about Blog Action Day tomorrow. If the connection is not obvious, the topic is climate change. Um, weird rain? Climate change? Get it now?

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