Friday, October 9, 2009

Marguerite on Puzzle Mat with Rhinestones

Marguerite has discovered "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and loves the song. I have a knee-jerk problem (not a real problem, but one that is brought forth by years of conditioning) with this. As a kid, I attended youth camps that held symposia on the evils of "secular" (aka "worldly") music. Naturally, "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" was one of the songs discussed, first, because it allegedly promoted drug use (LSD - *eye roll*) and, second, because the Beatles said they were more popular than Jesus Christ (gasp!). Anyway, it seems the song was actually based on a drawing that Julian Lennon made of his childhood friend, Lucy O'Donnell. I'm not saying that the songs that were included in the talks were all okay (back-masked "Stairway to Heaven" said "o, sweet, sweet Satan" - honestly, they tell you that before making you listen to something that really sounds like aauuugh, auuugh, auggghst, you'll be convinced you can hear it too -, "Hotel California" being about the Church of Satan, etc. And did you know that Alice Cooper was possessed by the spirit of some earlier century - meaning I can't recall which century- witch? These were all very impressive to teenage ears. I'll have you know I surrendered all of the New Kids on the Block - those cheesy teenyboppers of darkness!!! - pictures in my wallet to the bonfire!), but I've become very impatient with hype, with being easily swayed with talk and not having a probing enough mind to question the veracity of certain claims. Anyway, for now, I find "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" (a song I've always found to be beautiful, btw) as safe listening for Marguerite despite any twitch my knee may feel.

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