Friday, October 23, 2009

Go Fly a Kite (in a Tiny Apartment)

Ah children. Must they harm themselves just for the sake of making us age ten years ahead of time? Do you remember taking pictures of your babies unknowingly flipping off the mobile, the camera, you, or the entire world as they knew it (all 8-15 inches of it). Anyway, this (thanks to a seemingly harmless pencil sharpener - seemingly to the dumb mom... it was in a toddler art set!). Dumb mom does know how to take care of superficial wounds, even while racked with guilt and serious doubt regarding her competence. There was bleeding, but no crying (she didn't seem to feel anything) and Marguerite does love her bandage.

We're supposedly in the middle of making halloween/harvest bunting, but Marguerite was throwing all kinds of fits about making a kite. She remembered to throw another kite-related tantrum today again, which successfully broke me and made me give in. I wasn't sure how to go about it. I didn't have sticks, which I thought were a necessary material in kite-making, or a field, in case Marguerite had a concrete idea about this project. As in any other situation that demanded answers, I turned to Google and found this video on making a paper kite. We got to work (should have walked the ten paces to Marguerite's room to get better paper and string, but whatevs, the tracing paper and spool of thread were within arm's length) and had us a paper kite in no time. Marguerite found it satisfactory and flew (more like swished around) it in our apartment. I intend to make a more elaborate kite and fly it in a proper field next time. It's funny how I always have flying a kite in my 365 Things to Do This Year, but never get around to doing it. I've been an enthusiastic spectator in the past, of course. I know - doesn't count. Maybe I'll finally get to do it this year. :)

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