Monday, October 12, 2009

5 Things I Love

Got a Getting to Know You Award/Tag from Mabel. Thanks for the interest, M. :)

This award comes with a tag of telling your five things you love to do & passing it to 5 friends.

5 Things I Love

I love the usual things that people hold dear, such as family, friends, church, country...
I love storybooks.
I love whimsical things.
I love vintage stuff.
I love music, almost all kinds (I don't care much for some genres, but I usually still find some song that appeals to me.)

I'm passing the award to Annika, Christine, Czaroma, Chell, and Kaye. :)


Tracy said...

I love storybooks too, especially the ones with beautiful pictures.

The Darkest Night said...

Thank you Ivy!!