Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some Random Updates

Just snatches from life as I know it:

- We have a regular knocker on our door. Our 4-yr-old neighbor runs loose and it worries me. His nanny is not watching him as vigilantly as (I feel) she should. The building is not that safe. How does she know her ward is not in some kind of trouble when she's on a different floor from him? When she is around the boy, she's constantly on her cellphone texting or talking. Not all nannies are like that, but that's definitely one scenario I'm avoiding by opting to be my daughter's primary caregiver. Anyway, yesterday, the boy knocked around noontime and I said that he'll have to come back later because Marguerite and I were to have our lunch and then our bath. He insisted on coming in, but after repeating myself as firmly as I could a dozen times, I finally persuaded him to return later. Five minutes later (it was later), there was a knock again. Same scene. This occurred a few more times until he found something else to do. At one point he told me, "You're going to eat? Just don't. That takes a long time." lol I really don't mind having him over. He's a good boy who's just behaving his age. I just wish the nanny would do her job better.

- The ants in our apartment are such thugs. They go berserk right before typhoons and attack the silliest things. They have been known to find a glass of water interesting. They would inspect toys on the floor to see if they're edible. They flocked on my bottle of insect repellent (!) because it smelled like cookies (jatropha oil). I was so annoyed to see that. The repellent was given by my Mom who bought it from Carica. I don't use repellents with DEET so we usually go for these essential oil blends. This was my first time to use something that had jatropha in it. The blend had oregano, neem, tubli, sulasi, verbena, atis, pandan, tanglad, and madre cacao... The thing probably works too. It's just that the ants here are fearless and indestructible. :(

- Once I was a sorting fiend. Wooden toys in one chest, plastic toys in one bin, stuffed toys on this shelf, board books on this shelf, non-board on this shelf, crayons/markers/oil pastels/paint in different compartments of this box, etc. etc. Now, just toss them in the closest storage bin (so long as they're no longer on the floor). Marguerite, however, is finally pitching in and helping me put her toys away (shouldn't it be the other way around?). I had to learn the Signing Time My Things song and now I usually have to sing it while we clear the floor to inspire her, lol.

- I'm loving Dappled Cities' (the Alphabreaks guys) latest single "The Price". Ooh those fairy lights!. I had wanted to do something like that for Marguerite's first Christmas card (not on the baby's person, but sort of just circling her bed), but I was too fearful of electric things and the lead on the ... whatever, I don't even remember the arguments I raised against my own idea, but the bottomline is we didn't do that. Cute kids, those dappled cities guys. Down, my inner cougar! lol Check 'em out:

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