Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ma Petite Chatte

It is quite clear that Marguerite's lovey is KittyCat, a stuffed cat that is a hand-me-down from her Aunt Yohann (the last baby before Marguerite and the joy of our lives the 6 years that she spent in the Philippines). Anyway, KittyCat is so loved that we have to give her frequent baths (she's a sorry little thing that is schlepped around by Marguerite wherever she goes). We line dry so you can understand how upset Marguerite is to have KittyCat away for a complete day. I really think Marguerite has a thing for cats (she loves lolcats videos) although she likes dogs too. I was the same as a child until I developed rashes at the back of my elbow as well as asthma later on. I still went on to take care of cats, but I did learn to be more careful. Anyway, today Marguerite exhibited cat behavior, something I don't believe she has observed from any real cat. She spent the day shredding scrap paper, just tearing them into tiny pieces. Marguerite is the type of child who can spend hours doing just one activity she finds absorbing. Shredding paper? Very absorbing.

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