Monday, July 13, 2009

Cold-laden Days

Still nursing a cold. Marguerite's fever is gone, but she caught my cold, so all day we carry a cotton cloth each to swipe at dripping noses. I still need me a day off, so far it hasn't materialized although we did miss church yesterday. Marguerite's coughing has been giving her rough nights. Saturday night I tried the Vicks-on-soles-covered-with socks remedy, accompanied by a prayer. The coughing stopped almost immediately. Gratified, I reported to Husband that the Vicks-on... thing really worked. However, tried it last night again with disappointing results. However, I belatedly remembered to pray (what a thing to forget during times of illness) and again, the coughing abated. So, yeah, I'm pretty clear now on what actually works.

I'm guzzling tea as usual. I'm trying this herbal one made of malunggay leaves. A friend from church gave me a bag a couple of Sundays ago, saying it converted her into a tea drinker. It's pretty nice, has a little zing to it.


Andrea said...

hi! we missed you guys at church yesterday...yes! I went there again being a prodigal daughter and all..hahaha! Chip is gaining strength everyday so i'd better be good or she'll whack me..hahaha! i'm glad you liked the malunggay tea.. i wish i could visit their store so that i can buy a box of it and share some more.. :) I pray that you and midge will totally recover from the cold. God bless you!

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks, Lalab :)