Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Trip to the Dentist without Tears

Yesterday, Husband took the day off to get his teeth fixed (fillings galore and a root canal, yikes). Marguerite and I, plus MIL went along. We were also supposed to pick up my article checks, but, durr, I forgot it was Manila Day yesterday. It was nice to drive by the coast anyway. Because it was raining, Marguerite kept on saying, "It's raining outside. I can't go out." Anyway, she has no problems with other people being attended to by a dentist. She thought her daddy funny sitting in the dental chair. I guess she didn't connect it with her own experiences. Btw, we're still waiting for that typhoon they said would arrive full force at 8 last night. We were on the road then and if I'm not mistaken, things were pretty dry. You know, it's not always like this. Sometimes, their predictions do come true, lol.

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