Thursday, June 4, 2009

Some Episodes with Locksmiths

Did you know that up until I started living on my own, I never had to carry a house key with me? No wonder I had some crazy episodes with my keys when I finally did have them. I never knew where they were (apparently, inside the fridge that one time) and yes, the experience would not have been complete if I had not locked myself out at one point (Thanks, Jenn, for putting me up that night). Don't even ask if I had ever lost a key. Anyway, keys and locks never figured with me until that time. When I was still living at home, somebody would always be there to open the door for you (and if it’s late, my mother would surely be hovering at the door fretting). That’s all in the past though. Locks, keys, and consequently, also locksmiths are stuff I pay attention to now. Let’s not even talk about that time my aunt locked us out of the car at the 99 Ranch parking lot. For sure, locksmiths rock! 

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