Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Marguerite Does Blair Fashion

This picture was taken using my phone during Marguerite's Sunday School class. And no, she doesn't keep still. She likes to give special numbers (usually Incy Wincy Spider or Happy Birthday) while her Nannie (my mom) is trying to teach. She also likes to bug older kids who are intent on being good pupils. She also likes to run back and forth from the children's Sunday School area to the Sunday Worship area. I honestly don't think I've had a restful service in a long time (not that I should be resting). Anyway, Marguerite's Tita Donna gave her this pair of cute pink, white and gray argyle socks, which inspired the outfit above (you can't see the details on the socks in that pic cuz like I said, I used my phone). Anyway, as soon as my sister saw her, she said, "Are you my Gossip Girl?". I guess the outfit is a little Blair Waldorf, lol. I really wouldn't know since I don't watch the show (LIAR!).