Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hava Nagila

I would love to take up Jewish Studies. Having grown up attending Sunday School, I have been exposed to part of the history of the Jewish people from reading the Bible. I know I love listening and learning to sing Jewish songs. Just yesterday, my daughter and I watched performances of different Jewish songs on YouTube. We started with “Roni, Roni Bat Zion” and ended with the popular “Hava Nagila”. As a student of languages, I would really love to learn Hebrew, Aramaic, or Yiddish. I would really just love to learn about the entire culture. I would love to learn more about their celebrations, rituals, practices… not to mention, their food. Kosher has always been something that intrigued me and sadly I use the word without really knowing much about it. The history is also very rich with many poignant details. I think it must be amazing to belong to a race that can trace its history, name key characters all the way to the creation (of course, I also happen to know that I come from Adam). The Jewish people certainly share something really special among them. No matter where they are and what they are, they have this identity of being part of God’s chosen people. Those who are interested in meeting fellow Jews can go online for free jewish chat . This is a great site for Jewish people to get together and chat about everything from things to which only they can relate to just about anything under the sun.

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