Monday, June 1, 2009

Blessings from Last Night, Part 2

As I mentioned earlier, last night was our church's summer music school recital. I personally feel blessed by the affair in different ways. One of the major highlights of the show for me was this special number prepared by a group of our members. It was something like a mime-hand-black light show, but whatever it was, everybody absolutely loved it. Their leader was Paul, a 12-yr-old boy and a kid we watched grow all the way from his mom's belly. As much as we're one big family, I'm sure it must not have been easy for Paul to direct a very diverse group of people. It was probably a little uncomfortable for him to tell somebody decades older than him what to do, but the end result was really amazing. Everybody enjoyed it so much that an encore was immediately requested and granted. I'm so happy I was able to capture some of the second performance with my phone. Well, that is, I started to record it before Husband grabbed the phone from me and saved us (those who'll be checking out this video) from having to watch a horizontal version of the number. Btw, there was one little girl (whose name begins with M and ends with E) who got spooked by it and spent most of the remainder of the recital under the table.

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