Monday, June 1, 2009

Blessings from Last Night, Part 1

Great development. My sister attended last night's recital and sat through the entire thing. At one point she started feeling faint and we thought she might have to go home, but she bravely insisted that she would watch the whole program through. It was a really great program and the turn out was great even if the weather was bad. The recital was that of our church's summer music school. There, members can learn to play the guitar (regular and bass), the keyboards, and the drums. They can also learn to do tambourine dance, which is very popular among the young girls. This is a great thing because some of the students are really young, which means that they also start in service very early. Anyway, our church's name does say fellowship and ministries, emphasizing the fact that it's not merely a place where people go to for Sunday worship, it's really a congregation that treats each other as family and serves the Lord in various ministries together. Going back to my original point, I thank the Lord for one of the wonderful blessings last night, which was my sister getting to watch the show. I continue to ask you to pray for her for her complete recovery.

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