Sunday, March 8, 2009

Yesterday Chip and I Sang "Kaleidoscope World"

Okay, this is probably an uncharacteristic post, but I'd just like to say that I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Francis Magalona's death. I knew he was battling with cancer, but even if I didn't know him personally (although I'm semi-related to him: I grew up with his niece and nephew since an uncle of mine married his sister) he was just one of those personalities that you expected to defeat the disease. I think I did cry a little upon learning it. I was watching a replay of American Idol or Survivor Tocantins, I forget which, when this commercial of one of the local shows flashed a clip of him with his name and the dates 196_-2009 (I forget the year of his birth although I know he was 44 when he passed away). I immediately went online to verify this and sadly enough it was true. One feels sad, of course, but one can easily overcome it by remembering what a full life he'd lived and of course, the legacy he had left in the artistic world as well as with his children (all 8 beautiful, intelligent, and very well brought up, it seems) will keep him immortalized. I briefly saw an interview of his wife during his wake and all I can say is that Pia Arroyo was the picture of grace. Chip (we did an homage of sorts yesterday when I went over to their house... being children of the '80s, of course, we had to reminisce about Bagets and breakdancing, and the sight of his family shopping at the mall making us smile...) and I have always remarked on what a cool family they have and... anyway, condolences to the Magalonas.

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