Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where a Mother Goes On and Onnn

Marguerite has been wearing her bathing suits around the house. She just wants to. She has also started playing with Barbies (all given by my aunt, otherwise she wouldn't have owned one until she'd asked for one. Too many years ago, I read that Barbie dolls are sexist - I think it was a Judy Blume book - and the influence stayed.). She used to just line them up in her perpetual game of lining things up, but now she has concepts and storylines. She creates a bed for them with a makeshift pillow and blankie and sings and reads to them so they'll fall asleep. She shushes me and tells me to "Be quiet. The Barbies are sleeping." and then pats a Barbie back to sleep with soothing coos as though it had stirred because of any noise I might have made. Marguerite has also taken to wanting to fix broken things. Like last night one of the screws of her butterfly chair came loose and she insisted on putting it back herself. She did a pretty good job too for a 2.5 yr-old. Of course I had to tighten the screw, but she knew how to put things together. It's also great that I can now have a real conversation with her, with the two of us understanding each other most of the time. Her words are more intelligible and she strings them together pretty effectively and when I tell her something, I'm certain that she really understands and it's no longer hit or miss. So, I leave you for now with pictures of Marguerite shortly after waking up. It's straight out of her jammies to her bathing suit.


Anonymous said...

i miss midge... =)


kryzteta said...

hehehe! So cute :)

spinninglovelydays said...

@Christine: Thanks! :)
@Joi: We miss you too. Come over anytime. :)

Anonymous said...

i know i should have visited you guys since you transferred at your new place.. considering that it's just a few meters away from my place of work. i promise, i will do visit you one of these days. =)