Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spending Time on the Doulos

We went to the MV Doulos last Saturday after Marguerite's appointment with her pedodontist. Since we would be in the Manila area, my husband suggested that we (late) lunch in Binondo (China Town). After lunch, I learned that a trip to Ongpin wouldn't be complete without a quick shopping stop at Eng Bee Tin, the most popular Chinese deli in the area (not that I'm knowledgeable), so we got us some of their goodies. The following day, I found out that my Dad and a family friend were also there (separately) that Saturday. I guess we missed bumping into each other by a couple of hours.
Anyway, I was excited to be at the pier. The Manila Bay isn't the cleanest body of water, but it's still romantic and the sunset (barring bad weather) is always spectacular. We got on the boat (with Marguerite singing "Here I Go" and signing "boat" from Signing Time). There was quite a crowd there, but I heard that's nothing compared to the Sunday mob. My theory is that many churches decide to do a trip there as that Sunday's fellowship activity. Anyway, the items are sold in "units", but fortunately for me, the Math whiz, 100 units=100 pesos, so I didn't have to break anything trying to do conversions. Anyway, we got a photography book for Husband and a French poster and Sesame Street book set for Marguerite. We didn't get anything for me, which was really bordering on miraculous because it was a BOOK store. Buying books is my one compulsion (okay, I have many compulsions, but that's the only one that involves buying) and I think I'm still feeling guilty about buying all those books (to take advantage of the Books for Less 500peso- promo) before Christmas, so I'm really trying to abstain (what a coincidence that it's Lent).
To those who want to check out the ship, it'll be docked here until March 30th. Anyway, here are some pics Husband took last Saturday:

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