Monday, March 30, 2009

Hope You All Observed Earth Hour

Did you all observe Earth Hour? We were still on the road when it started, so we may have cheated a little being in the car and all. I thought about parking somewhere to just stargaze, but Marguerite had fallen asleep and we wanted to get her to bed right away (which didn't transpire anyway since she woke up when we got home). Of course, our building had the electricity running in all the public areas and I really don't think I saved power at all by climbing up 6 flights of stairs instead of using the elevator, but I had wanted to commit to the idea of not using electricity during that time so lugging diaper bag, purse, and two other parcels, I hied off to the seventh floor via stairwell. Of course, we couldn't switch anything on when we got to our apartment, so I ended up pushing Marguerite on her trike up and down the hallways. This is why we sort of made up for being in the car during the first part of Earth Hour because we weren't able to switch on until Marguerite had had enough tricycling and that was past 9:30.
Anyway, it was really encouraging to see the usually twinkling Marikina River totally dark before Earth Hour even started. I could see the efforts of the city as we drove home, but once we left Marikina, Earth Hour wasn't as evident anymore. This is ironic since Earth Hour actually started around the time we entered the next city. I asked Husband to take during EH and after EH pictures of the view from our balcony, but there wasn't much difference. I wish we had taken a picture of the river instead. That would have been more inspiring. Maybe I'm biased and Marikina has always been more inspiring to me anyway, but that's home and I miss it.

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