Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Grateful Spectator

It is so hot! It's really hard to accomplish tasks or even just function normally when it's this hot. I refuse to use the AC unless it seems really crucial. Anyway, it's nice though that there's usually a healthy breeze blowing past our front door, which I think is the usual case with space between buildings. Also, thankfully Marguerite can spend hours on any of the absorbing activities she seems to prefer. She obsessively lines up objects (no, she doesn't manifest any other seemingly autistic behavior), just arranging and rearranging any given set of items. She can also spend the entire day painting (forget finger painting, she insists on using a brush). The water color set is non-toxic, but it's actually recommended for 3-yr-olds and above. Oh well, Marguerite makes a mess, but she knows how to use the thing properly. She has always had a good grip, instinctively knowing how to handle crayons even when she was still a baby, and I've never really had much trouble with her putting things in her mouth; she just didn't do that even as a one-year-old. She also already knows to use paper for writing, drawing or painting (sometimes she needs reminder, but in most cases that she does, she really seems to be deliberately testing her limits). She'd get marks on other things, but only accidentally. One other thing of note (well, to me anyway) is that she's still very much ambidextrous with all manual tasks. She doesn't show preference when eating, writing, handling, etc. And anyway I think I kind of went on a bragging-mom tangent there. The point is, I'm a content mirĂ³n at this point because I can sit (not for long though, there are those other chores that need attending to) and just watch-sing-comment without having to run around with Marguerite.

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