Saturday, March 14, 2009

After Several Attempts

and interruptions, well Marguerite still isn't potty-trained. She showed great promise earlier on, but I have not been able to be consistent about the training (people kept on getting sick), so, yeah, we're still working on it. I'm not too bothered. After all, she's only 2 years old. I'm also rethinking the toddler toilet seat we currently use. We did get her a separate potty chair before, but a friend had advised us to get the toilet seat instead since it worked better for her. Anyway, at this point, I'm willing to try the potty chair again (even if it means a more "engaging" clean-up, but it's not like I have not been dealing with accidents, both no. 1 and no. 2)... So, I'm just waiting for the previous attempt to be forgotten and start anew. So next Monday? Can't wait.


50s Housewife said...

Oh I remember those days well. Hang in there! :)

spinninglovelydays said...

Thanks,50s Housewife :)