Thursday, January 29, 2009

Taming the Chicken (Pox)

So, most of Marguerite's scabs have fallen off. I thank God for the really tame chicken pox experience. Of course, the little girl in herself is always wildly energetic, but she didn't go through any insanely itchy episodes. She also didn't get a lot of spots. I have been very vigilant about her diet the entire time - no eggs, no seafood, nothing fried, very little dairy, and very little sugar... Last night, however, I made fish and chips for Husband and myself. Husband hadn't come home yet (honestly, we follow a European meal schedule - dinner at 9 to 10 - around here not by any intended design, but simply to cater to Husband's hours.) and the first batch of food was already on the table, I turned to look from my cooking and saw Marguerite calmly feeding herself chips (french fries). I debated with myself whether to stop her, but ended up just shrugging and letting her have at it. When I added the first set of fish, I told her not to touch the fish because they're hot. She nodded and continued gorging on the chips. Of course, later on when she felt that the fish had cooled, I found her also eating the them. What was I supposed to do? I thought I'd just deal with whatever possible itching that was going to happen, although I did begin to worry that Husband and I wouldn't have anything but crumbs to feed on at the rate Marguerite was going. Fortunately there was still more than enough for us when she filled up. Anyway, as of the wriiting of this post, no itching has yet occurred.

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Frances said...

what a cutie. i always believed the body knows what it needs so i'm glad you let her eat the fish and chips!

when i had the pox, i didn't itch at all. i just took showers every day to keep the fever down and not get itchy. =)