Friday, January 16, 2009

Not about My Hair

As usual when I when I want to post pictures here, the tools I need are not available, hence pictures of my daughter's recent activities will be available another time. Yesterday, it was pretty hairy. I made her some non-toxic, washable fingerpaint and when I thought she was beginning to get wild with it (like she would start smearing the furniture any minute), I suggested going to the bathroom to wash up (an activity she enjoys). She was down with the idea, but first she had to touch one hand to her hair. I immediately removed the hand from the hair, but I wasn't quick enough. In the afternoon, she wanted some cheez whiz (yes, I made the mistake of introducing her cheez whiz) and bread sticks. Again, she began to get wild with them and I invited her again for a wash-up; same thing with the hair. Okay, if this happens a third time, that might mean I'm a little slow. On second thought, it had already happened once before. I let her feed herself the remainder of her oatmeal while I did the dishes. When I looked up again, she had her hair already smeared with oatmeal. What does this mean? I wonder if I'll blog about it if I let it happen again or I'll be worried that my readers will start to question my intelligence.

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