Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Early Days Over Here

We've been here more than a week. I had exactly one episode of homesick tears. It was our (Marguerite's and mine) first day in the apartment by ourselves and around nap time, I carried her out to the balcony to rock her to sleep (no, I don't do it every time) and we saw a girl two buildings away (our building is taller than the others). With her back turned to us, she resembled my cousin Jaymee. I kind of panicked that Marguerite might start asking for my family since she's used to having them around. However, Marguerite didn't. I, on the other hand, felt an overwhelming wave of loneliness come over me and started crying. I didn't indulge the sentiment though and sternly got myself under control in a minute. Anyway, it's been going well enough so far.

My mom calls everyday (sometimes several times in one day). She's being dramatic, of course, and I'm trying not to be impatient. I understand that it's hard and she has always been one to be exaggerated in her doting, but I'm a great believer in dealing. Anyway, I'm used to Mom. It's a weird time for her too, but it's not as bad as she makes the situation out to be. And I'm shutting up now. I've spilled too much of my guts now as it is.

Anyway, Mom texted me that my Dad might come over today. That would be great. I want him to pray over the place. We've done it ourselves, of course, but I'd like a minister to do it too. Everybody keeps on asking if we're having a house blessing and I keep on answering, "No, I'll do that with our own place, not when we're renting. I'll just ask Dad to pray for the place and our time there."
"Oh, so it's just a little party with your family."
"No, there's no party. It's just my Dad praying."
"Whom are you inviting?"
"Nobody. It's not an event."
"What? Well, when are you holding it?"
"Anytime my dad decides to drop by for a visit."
I guess people are hinting at us to throw a housewarming party. LOL, that's a sure way to convince me not to throw one.


Mindi said...

You should totally have a housewarming *wicked grin*

spinninglovelydays said...

Harhar :)