Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Terrific Two

Elle a deux ans.

We're finally done with Marguerite's 2nd year well-child checkup and so far, so good. Her weight is actually above average despite her slender built. Our pedi prescribed an iron supplement because the "eye thing" (I have no idea what to call it, but it's that part of the eye socket doctors check for iron deficiency) was a little pale. Of course, that was probably because she woke up at 3am to make sure that my eye-thing was even paler (I honestly should do the iron thing too). Her height has sort of plateaued, but is still in the high percentile (75th, I think - it used to be in the high 90s). We're doing bedtime now to regulate sleep hours. It's okay, Marguerite has not noticed the implementation of structure, so she's not fighting tooth and nail to give me a hard time (lol, notice how I'm kind of taking it personally - I'm not resenting it, but I'm worrying a lot about doing things right). She has had three small eczema spots on her right shoulder and although they don't bother her and are not growing in size, we're trying several things to get rid of them. I'm about to try tea tree oil and switching to soy milk. I'll also check if she'll become more mellow with less dairy, haha. If you have a natural remedy for eczema, please share it with me.
Anyway, Marguerite and I (she passed it on to me) have been down with a cough (not so bad, just a few barks during the day and sporadic fits during sleep) and as usual with what ever bug we get, we're doing water therapy. I'm not sure if we'll be doing the runny nose thing. I don't think I am. We'll see with Marguerite. Btw, lemon-water-honey really works. Hope it doesn't gross you out, but you can really feel the phlegm loosening for easier expulsion just like what cough syrup commercials illustrate.
Anyway, here's Marguerite the first Sunday after she turned two. I think some were taken by Husband and some were taken by my cousin Jaymee.

With Aunt Cheska; at the kids' play area; hobnobbing with the big kids; playing with Daddy


Mindi said...

hi, ivy. right. the "terrific" twos, something i'm enjoying as well right now. eczema? hmmm, have you tried a potato poultice? i think somebody mentioned that to me before. anyway, hope everything's going great for you.

rinna said...

hi ivy,
about the eczema, have you tried cod liver oil or flaxseed oil? i've read a few articles that show correlation (causation?) between eczema and lack of essential fatty acids.
with iron naman, i used to supplement robert with a big pharmaceutical brand multivitamin that has iron but i've since switched to floradix.

spinninglovelydays said...

hi, rinna. thanks for the tip. will definitely try out the oils and floradix. and will read up on the lack of essential fatty acids thing. we first noticed it when she was just a few days old that's why i'm also considering it might be a dairy thing. she probably also inherited it from her dad (but his was stress-related growing up).
hope all's well at your end. :)