Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Second Blog Action Day Post - Random Thoughts on Poverty

Coming from a third world nation, poverty is something that I've been exposed to from the very start. While I may not have experienced it first hand (although this may well be a question of standards - the middle class here may be considered poor by progressive nations), I'm surrounded by it and its effects on the human being. I read somewhere that poverty breeds immorality, but can't this be true for the opposite as well?

I attended a school run by nuns. I don't think it was actually a convent school although there was a convent within the campus. There was a well-used phrase and it was a constant reply to the students' demands for fun things such as dances or fairs. It was "solidarity with the poor". I don't think the students really cared to plumb the depths of that phrase. There were outreach programs, but there were probably too few of the students who genuinely cared to contribute. Later on, I attended a university that had oblation as its main motto. I'm afraid to find out what percentage of the alumni has actually offered themselves in service for the people. Then again, there are individuals who inspire you with how they choose to put the education the people gave them to use.

Can poverty be completely eradicated? I hope so, but there's more to an individual's financial status than the national economy, right? However, if there's anything that we can do to work towards ending poverty, we should take part in it. If it can positively impact even just a few individuals' lives, it's far from being an exercise in futility, right? It's always better to contribute. Who knows what our collective efforts can attain?

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