Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Childhood Au Naturel

One of the articles I've been reading over and over since Marguerite was a little baby is this. So, here are some ideas for outdoor activities we can do with our kids:

- bringing home rocks and leaves
- digging for worms
- searching for bugs
- comparing different kind of leaves
- building twig/stick "sculptures"
- building fairy houses
- planting flowers
- stick gathering
- following the trail of an animal
- making plaster casts of tracks
- drawing in journals
- treasure hunting for simple found objects (rocks, leaves, feathers, etc)
- making daisy chains
- making new homes for little creatures- bugs, worms, grasshoppers etc. (make sure to return them to their real homes)
- taking night hikes and star-gazing

More later!

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