Sunday, October 5, 2008

100 Species Challenge (15-21)

This is my fifth 100 Species Challenge post (started by Sarah Sours). I have quite a few to feature this time since I'd been remiss about this meme for the past couple of weeks.

My growing list includes:
1. Shy grass
2. Lantana
3. Creeping fig
4. Ginger lily
5. Asian sword fern
6. Hibiscus
7. Bougainvillea
8. Chinese honeysuckle
9. Guava
10. Mistflower
11. Pine
12. Plumeria
13. Acaci
14. Christmas Palm

15. Kalanchoe

They're pretty common around here both as outdoor and indoor plants. The flowers come in different forms and colors. They're probably not native to the Philippines though. According to Wiki, they come from Europe. I don't think they're being used here for medicinal purposes, but it seems the plant may be used to treat infections and inflammations. However, it could also be poisonous to some animals.

16. Plumbago auriculata

I love the common name of this plant in the Philippines: Forget-me-nots. I know they're not like the forget-me-nots in other countries (these flowers are called blue plumbago/cape plumbago/cape leadwort elsewhere), but I still find the name fitting. They're very pretty to look at and many gardens here have them in boxes because they make a lovely picture spilling out from their containers.

I still have to do my research on the rest. If you know (or think you know :D) what the following are, please leave the name in the comments section. Anyway, I'll inquire at garden shops when I can and add the info here.

17. Potato vine or morning glory?

18. horsetail-like reed with red flowers

19. small yellow flower

20. pineapple palm?

21. some common garden space border/filler plant

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