Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ABC Meme

I was tagged by Annika et voilà :)
  • Attached or Single?: Attached
  • Best Friend?: I know best is best, but each one of the ones I consider my best is the best in his or her own way :)
  • Cake or Pie?: Cake! No, wait. Pie! I mean cake! No. Pie! Gah, I can't decide so I'll have both. (Shush. Don't let the weight ticker hear.)
  • Day of Choice?: It used to be Friday, but I like Saturdays better now.
  • Essential Item?: Computer
  • Flavor of Ice Cream?: Vanilla (Yesss, I am so vanilla. *snort*)
  • Gummy Bears or Worms?: Worms, easier to eat (Gah, you put both in mouth, chew, and swallow. Eating gummy candy = nuclear physics, ja?)
  • Hometown?: Marikina valley
  • Indulgences?: books
  • January or July?: January (the year's still new and full of hope)
  • Kids?: The Marvelous Marguerite
  • Last Movie I saw in a Theater?: can't say
  • Middle Name?: Middle name here is mother's maiden name which I'm not giving out because it's usually a security question. Edit: Scratch that. I'm married! My middle name is PAPA, my own maiden name, GAH!
  • Number of Siblings?: One (younger sister)
  • Oranges or Apples?: Both
  • Phobia or Fear?: Aren't they both fear, only the first is unreasonable? Hmm, I choose... MANIA!!!
  • Quote?: "Everybody loves a good jazz square." Ryan Evans, HSM 1. It's true! Everybody does!
  • Reason to Smile?: MARGUERIIIIIIIITE
  • Season?: Cool and dry (December to January - Dry! I obviously have forgotten about those horrible December typhoons)... tropical life, want it?
  • Tag Four More: Frances, Chell, Christine, and Maricris
  • Unknown Fact About Me?: Up until I was in college, I used to sleep with the light on. I wasn't scared. I just always fell asleep reading. Make it two facts. I only need one pillow - for my head. I used to cuddle books. Make it three. I never had any use for stuffed toys.
  • Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals?: Working towards being an ovo-lacto-pesco-vegetarian
  • Worst Habit?: sarcasm
  • Xrays or Ultrasounds?: Ultrasounds, simply because of nicer associations (or not so nice. Hyperemesia, remember?) I only ever had to do xrays for routine physical checkups.
  • Your favourite food?: I'm not like that.
  • Zodiac?: Scorpio

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